370 Food and Health companies

Major industry players and SMEs looking for new development opportunities.

130 World class research units

R&D experts worldwide covering all areas of the agri-business production chain,
from the Consumer Sciences to Agriculture.

35 Training centers

For your human resources needs.


Examples of industry projects developed with the members of F²C Innovation :

Functional food products for treating and preventing weight gain in the elderly

Optimization of the functionality of probiotic products and validation of health claim

Active packaging solutions for the food industry for extending shelf life

Natural active ingredients for animal nutrition and impact onanimal-based products

New strategies of sustainable soil fertilization, using microorganisms, for the “eco-intensification” of crop and forestry production.

World-class resources and cutting-edge expertise to contribute to the development
of Sustainable Food Systems
Discover Vitagora®’s answers to the challenge of Sustainable Food Systems


Understanding your consumer, understanding flavor

Tailor your product to a specific market segment

Sciences of human and animal nutrition and health

Functional foods, dietary supplements adapted to nutritional needs

Processing and packaging

Texture, formulation, encapsulation, industrial microbiology

Agriculture and production of raw materials

Food and non-food applications

Sustainable development and eco-agriculture

Bio-materials, reduction of chemicals, natural plant defenses

To define your innovation needs

Our dedicated project engineers know that necessity is the father of invention. We work with you to define the needs of your company, and those of your target consumers, in order to find the innovative answers that allow you to revitalize your business.

To find partners suited to your project

Thanks to our extensive international network of businesses (from SMEs to multinationals), R&D experts and training centers, we can find for you the scientific or technological expertise or industrial backing to get your R&D project off the ground.

To find the funding to launch your project

R&D projects developed with our network benefit from preferential access to specialized funding bodies.

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